Think of it…We are blessed with technology that would be indescribable to our forefathers. We have the wherewithal, the know-it-all, to feed everybody, clothe everybody, and give every human on Earth a chance. We know now what we could never have known before – that we now have the option for all humanity to “make it” successfully on this planet, in this lifetime.
(R. Buckminster Fuller)

How will a Paxlist Economy work?

We know full well that all the laws and regulations of any monetary system are completely ‘man-made’ – social constructs.

And that money is simply created by the click of a mouse button from interest-bearing debt.

And don’t be duped either by all the monetary jargon – ‘income tax’ and ‘interest rates’ are also man-made, along with their monetary system cronies – ‘inflation’, ‘devaluation’, ‘store of value’, ‘gilts’, etc. – all of which are man-made economic nonesense.

So, in the words of wisdom of Martin Luther King Jnr, speaking about Capitalism, he said, “Since we know that the system will not change the rules, we are going to have to change the system.”

Capitalism has to be changed for the benefit of every citizen on the planet.

Think Outside The Box!

The Peaceful Planet proposes a total reformation of the current corrupt orthodox economic system of capitalism to a completely socially just, compassionate, ethical egalitarian hybrid which we have termed PAXLISM.



  • pax – (pæks) from Latin, ‘peace’
  • -lism – indicating a doctrine, system, or body of principles

Paxlism is contingent on the belief that we need a radical, ethical and more sustainable alternative economic system – unlike the current plutocratic system of capitalism which favours only the banks, the financial institutions, the multinationals, and the elite 1% rich of the population on the planet.

Most importantly, Paxlism is a monetary system based not upon greed and the exploitation of every living creature on the planet, but on kindness, compassion, and equality for all.


All our proposals are in continual development and subject to change and revision to be of the utmost benefit for every citizen on the planet.  We welcome any suggestions or advice from The Peaceful Planet community or from economic experts.

Please note that none of the rules and regulations which exist under the current corrupt orthodox capitalist monetary system (e.g. taxes, inflation, devaluation, store of value, interest rates, etc.) will be applicable in a Paxlist Economy, although there will, of course, be a need for strict monetary regulation by a Monetary Policy Committee to oversee all money creation, but only with a view to benefiting each and every citizen on the planet.

  1. MONEY CREATION: All money will be nationalised and will be the prerogative of all the individual governments of the world with just one Central Government Bank per nation (e.g. “The Bank of England”, “The Bank of Scotland”, “The Bank of USA” etc.)
  2. BANKS: The Central Government Bank will be nationalised and not-for-profit
  3. FINANCIAL INSTITUTIONS: No other financial institution can create money i.e. no more money creation by private banks or independent financial institutions as mortgages or loans with interest-bearing debt
  4. PRIVATE BANKS: All current private banks to be nationalised as branches of the Central Government Bank
  5. COMMUNITY BANKS: All branches of private banks will become communtiy not-for-profit branches of the new Central Government Bank – this will keep most bank employees gainfully employed 
  6. CURRENCY: All global currencies will be Fiat Money and will not be required to have a store of value against a commodity (e.g. gold standard, gilt bonds etc) – commodity money is just socially constructed in the current monetary system
  7. UNIVERSAL CURRENCY: All global currencies will have the same value
  8. INFLATION: No inflation – this is socially constructed in the current monetary system
  9. DEVALUATION: No devaluation – this is socially constructed in the current monetary system
  10. TAX: All taxation to be abolished – (e.g. income tax, National Health service insurance, motor tax, council tax, Inheritance Tax, Corporation Tax, etc). Strictly monitored and regulated by the government’s Monetary Policy Committee, the government “creates” money as and when it is required to fund, for the welfare of all citizens, all the national and local services that our taxes are currently used for (see “What is Income Tax“) 
  11. TAX REFUNDS: All taxpayers to be refunded their tax payments for a term to be decided (previous 12 months?).  A welcome cash bonus for every tax-payer and this will keep most tax employees gainfully employed for a sustained period 
  12. DEBT: All world debt to be cancelled (international, national, personal)!  This includes all mortgages and personal loans. All the global (and corrupt!) ‘debt’ money was created out of nothing, so it can also disappear once again into thin air! 
  13. NO MORE POVERTY: With all debt cancelled, every nation will be able to create money to enable themselves to become self-funding and self-sufficient to service the needs and welfare of their own citizens.  Thus, an end to famine and poverty! 
  14. MORTGAGES & LOANS: All mortgages and loans to be provided by the Central Government Bank 
  15. INTEREST-FREE: All mortgages and loans to be interest-free – not usuary
  16. UTILITY SERVICES: All utility/energy services (gas, electricity, water) to be nationalised 
  17. FREE ENERGY & WATER: All utility/energy services to be free 
  18. PROFITEERING: Profiteering by all businesses to be outlawed. A government department will be set up to monitor and regulate the difference between the manufacturing cost /cost of goods or services & its “selling price”. The maximum markup/profit margin on total manufacturing cost price will be 100%
  19. EDUCATION: Free education for all – which is a human right! 
  20. UNIVERSAL BASIC INCOME: Each and every citizen on the planet will receive an unconditional Basic Income (see Taxless Economy Links – ‘Basic Income’ for more detailed information), for example, £250 per week living allowance to spend on whatever a person wishes
  21. FREE MONEY = FINANCIAL FREEDOM!: The Basic Income payment would be a welcome supplementary income to each person’s individual weekly working wage or, for those people who prefer not to work and feel that they can live sustainably on the Basic Income alone, they will be freely allowed to do so
  22. WELFARE BENEFITS: All unemployment and welfare benefit payments will be replaced by the Basic Income
  23. TECHNOLOGY INDUCED UNEMPLOYMENT: The Basic Income would help to resolve the issues of job losses and unemployment brought about by the continuing advancements in technology, automation, and artificial intelligence
  24. POVERTY RELATED CRIME: The Basic Income would help to reduce poverty related crime
  25. SENIOR CITIZENS: Every senior citizen of retirement age will continue to receive a full Basic Income for the rest of their life
  26. 3-DAY WORKING WORK: A 3-day working week to be implemented. With less jobs becoming available, again through advancements in technology, automation, and artificial intelligence, people need only work 18 hours a week
  27. JOB-SHARING: Working a 3-day work, and with the additional Basic Income, people will be able to job share which means employers should still achieve the same productivity output, but with employees working less hours and with more leisure time available to them



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