Veganism is in truth an affirmation that where love is, exploitation vanishes. It possesses historical continuity with the movement that set free the human slaves. Were it put into effect, every basic wrong done to animals by man would automatically disappear. At its heart is the healing power of compassion, the highest expression of love of which man is capable.
(Leslie Cross, 1951)

Advocating a vegan way of life is, we believe, a moral imperative and is our fundamental ethos which underpins the whole of THE PEACEFUL PLANET egalitarian concept.

The moral values of veganism are based on non-violence, non-exploitation, non-abuse, non-discrimination, compassion, empathy, freedom, gentleness, harmony, kindness, liberation, love, tolerance and peace towards every inhabitant of the planet – both human and non-human animal.

So, contrary to popular belief and misunderstanding, being vegan is not just about adopting a new ‘fad diet’, but is very much about adopting an ethical lifestyle.

This ethos passionately embraces, but also reaches out beyond, the issues of animal rights.

Rather, it is very much inclusive and based on social justice too – renouncing all forms of oppression, discrimination, exploitation, racism, slavery, speciesism, violence and abuse against all human and all non-human animals.

You may choose to look the other way but you can never say again that you did not know. (William Wilberforce)


social justice

Make gentle the life of this world, let us dedicate ourselves to that.
(Robert F. Kennedy)


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